Villeroy & Boch

These Hot Tubs give you the freedom of combining you preferred jets with your favourite seat. You can choose between 16 different JetPaks and position them at every seat in no time at all - for a wellness experience that is exactly tailored to your respective needs.

Thanks to this patented JetPak technology, Hot Tubs can be upgraded at any time to include the JetPaks with the latest jet technologies. Which other Hot Tubs can be so easily adapted to meet the individual wellness needs and preferences of their users?

Villeroy & Boch Hot Tubs

Villeroy & Boch Hot Tubs

Villeroy & Boch X-Series


With it's diverse range of jets, the X-Series offers everything you need for a varied hydrotherapy experience. In other aspects, too, it ensures the very best in terms of affordable performance: from design to workmanship, from ease of operation to energy efficiency. So this series is ideal for those who have only just discovered wellness. Or of maximalists who expect the best possible performance for their budget. And also for individuals seeking something special.

From £10,699

Villeroy & Boch Comfort Line

Comfort Line

If you feel like a little self-indulgence, you will love our Comfort Line: luxurious equipment meets moderate prices. Each of our models has modern JetPak technology and sets he same high standards as our Premium Hot Tubs. Configure your own Hot Tub to strike the perfect balance between your needs and your pocket.

From £12,499

Villeroy & Boch Premium Line

Premium Line

Individual colour scheme, different models and ideal ergonomics: our Premium Line Hot Tubs can be individually configured to your wishes and needs. They provide an ideal platform for making a colour statement and offer a large choice of colours for the inner and outer shell, as well as various JetPacks. A premium spa also includes premium equipment - which is why our Hot Tubs have stylish stainless steel jets, interior and exterior lighting and an illuminated waterfall, as well as a variety of jets inside for feet, legs and hips.

From £15,399

Villeroy & Boch Design Line

Design Line

The unique, reduced form and straight-lined design pave the way for an innovative sitting and reclining concept that offers more space for comfort, and is ideal for relaxation and conversation. Up to five people can sit in the tub across from each other at an angle - a position that allows sufficient leg room.

From £18,199

The market demands individuality,
Villeroy & Boch have made it a matter of principle.

Villeroy & Boch Hot Tubs

Note: Interchangeable JetPaks are only available on the Comfort, Premium and Design Line.

Whilst the competition is holding on to outdated solutions, Villeroy & Boch are creating something new.

Villeroy & Boch Hot Tubs

Whilst seemingly endless pipes are the norm in standard hot tubs, Villeroy & Boch have developed a new, intelligent solution: the ingenious JetPak technology. It requires up to 90% less plumbing, minimises the risk of leaks and is much safer and more energy-efficient than other systems.

Global climate protection calls for energy efficiency, these hot tubs are amongst the most economical in the world.

Villeroy & Boch Hot Tubs

Energy is valuable and shouldn't be wasted, which is why these hot tubs are designed for both the economical and efficient use of resources. On the one hand, this is thanks to the full-foam insulation and, on the other hand, an up to 90% reduction in the amount of plumbing. Most of the pipes run through water - so the warm water in the tub prevents them from cooling down. In addition, the energy-saving cover prevents the loss of heat, not only on cold winter days.

Demand for robust designs is increasing, Villeroy & Boch have responded with five solutions.

Villeroy & Boch Hot Tubs

Exclusive EnduraFrame™ design - a unique support structure ensures the above-average load-bearing capacity and durability of the Villeroy & Boch hot tubs.

1. EnduraBase™ - the closed ABS floor delivers noticeably quieter operation and a reduction in vibrations.
2. EnduraBeam™ - the integral frame construction ensures above-average strength and durability.
3. EnduraSupports™ - for increased stability and structure of the foot room and sitting areas.
4. EnduraShell™ - the acrylic surface is reinforced with polyurethane foam for enhanced hygiene and lasting shine.
5. EnduraWood™ - weather and UV-resistant plastic outer construction.

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