Understanding HSG282: Make Your Holiday Home Hot Tub Compliant

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HSG282 compliance

If you let out holiday homes, there are many regulations to follow. Furthermore, if you have a hot tub in your holiday let, then you need to ensure your hot tub is HSG282 compliant. So, just what is HSG282 and how can you make sure your holiday let complies to the legislation?

What is HSG282?

HSG282 is specific legislation that focuses on spa-pool systems such as hot tubs. The reason the legislation has been put in place is to control infectious agents that can cause harm, such as Legionella. Without proper maintenance, spa-pool systems can be a source of infectious agents and can potentially be very dangerous.

There have been several cases of outbreaks of illnesses such as legionnaires disease that have been linked to hot tubs in leisure facilities, hotels and holiday lets. As a result, the legislation HSG282 helps to keep holiday let owners and their customers safe.

Do I need to follow the legislation?

If you let out one or more holiday homes with a hot tub, then you need to make sure your hot tub is HSG282 compliant.

How do I ensure my hot tub is compliant?

1. Conduct a risk assessment

Several risks can occur with the use of a hot tub. It is essential to look for all of the potential risks and where possible, put in place measures to manage these risks.

2. Ensure your hot tub is fit for purpose

There are two types of hot tubs; hot tubs for commercial use and hot tubs for domestic use. Domestic hot tubs can be fit for purpose for a holiday let. However, they typically require more work and require certain features to comply with the legislation. Commercial hot tubs, on the other hand, usually have all of the legislation-required features as standard.

Features to look out for to comply with legislation include;

  • Bromine supply – A spa frog system works to ensure there is a constant supply of bromine and other chemicals to keep the water clean.
  • Water capacity – Hot tubs should offer 250-litres of water per bather.
  • 24-hour filtration – A 24-hour filtration system helps the water to stay clean.
  • No headrests – Headrests are common on domestic hot tubs but can harbour germs and bacteria. They can also break easily, which is not ideal for a holiday let.
  • Chlorinator – A chlorinator ensures the PH remains balanced and helps to ensure there is enough free chlorine in the water to kill any harmful bacteria.

Make sure your hot tub is HSG282 compliant

At Vici Hot Tubs, we want to ensure your holiday let has an HSG282-compliant hot tub. This is why we offer a range of Vici hot tubs which all conform to the regulations.

Alternatively, if you already have a hot tub in place which does not conform to the regulations, we can supply and fit a chlorinator device which ensures the water in your hot tub is safe and compliant. This is a great way to ensure compliance without the additional expenditure of buying a new hot tub for your holiday let.

Find out more about our HSG282 compliant options by calling the team on 01373 465 601 for more information.

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