How To Move Your Hot Tub When Moving House

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Hot Tub Relocation

If you are relocating and moving home, there is so much to consider. From the paperwork to packing, there is a lot to plan, not to mention moving your hot tub. However, at Vici Hot Tubs, we’re here to take away the stress of moving your hot tub from one location to another, with our expert removal and installation team.

So, if you want to move your hot tub here is all you need to know about our Vici Hot Tubs moving service;

Removal process

The easiest way to move a hot tub is by placing it on its side. We then place the hot tub onto our hot tub dolly and can then wheel the hot tub out of your property and onto our vehicle. We secure the hot tub in place throughout the journey. Then we can unload the hot tub at your new destination.

Hot Tub Relocation

Ready for transport on our Hot Tub Dolly

What we do ask, is that there is sufficient space and access to wheel the hot tub and the dolly at both the removal address and new address. If you are not sure about the area, please call us to talk through your requirements.


Whether we’re moving a hot tub just a few metres or a few miles, we have a purpose-built hot tub dolly which allows our team to move the hot tub with relative ease. The dolly can suit almost every home, so you don’t have to worry about large lorries on your road or drive or damage from the removal.


For each move, we will typically supply two members of our removal team. The team are fully trained, so can safely, quickly and efficiently move your hot tub. However, if you believe your property has particular challenges or difficult areas to navigate, please let us know, and we will supply extra team members for an additional fee.

If you are able and willing to help with the move of the hot tub, we can send just one team member for a lower fee.


To make the move as easy and cost-effective as possible, the removal team need clear access to hard, level ground. We know that there may be one or two steps which we can overcome by using ramps. However, if you have difficulties in the space or lots of steep steps, please let us know in advance so we can plan your move carefully and ensure extra team members are on hand to help.

Please check the route in advance, looking for obstacles such as;

  • Overhanging trees or branches that block access
  • Gates, arches of a low roof
  • Drainpipes, taps, heating flues or overhanging cables
  • Narrowing access or very tight corners.

You can check the route by measuring the space. Remember that we move hot tubs on their side, so the width becomes the height of the hot tub, and the height becomes the width.

If you believe your hot tub removal will require a crane or lifting apparatus, please let us know in advance.

To discuss your hot tub move, give us a call on 01373 465 601 or get in touch here.

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