Catalina have perfected the art of combining the healing power of warm water, massage therapy and exercise which means that we can offer you the most advanced and beneficial Hot Tub spas on the market.

Catalina Hot Tubs have been built to combine cutting edge technology with beautiful sleek designs creating an altogether more superior Hot Tub experience.

Strategically placed hydrotherapy jets and powerful water pumps soothe away aches and pains. Relax in a Catalina spa and drift away from the stress of day to day life.

Catalina Hot Tubs

Catalina Hot Tubs

Catalina CS1.5


This circular tub is ideal when you wish to create something softer to look at yet still achieving the same results inside. Featuring 5 Seats and still getting everything you do with a std shape spa, inc LED lighting and ozone.
  • 198 x 198 x 81cm
  • 1 Pump
  • 23 Jets
  • 5 Seats
From £5,250

Catalina CS2


A lost corner in the garden? This could be the perfect answer, like the Cs1.5 this also runs on a single pump and yet still brings all the benefits of therapy in your garden or desired location.
  • 193 x 193 x 81cm
  • 1 Pump
  • 27 Jets
  • 3 Seats
From £5,250

Catalina CS4


This Tub blends benefits from a standard seated spa and the circular with a bench style seat that speaks space in the tub. This single pump with 25 Jets brings comfort and versatility in the same space.
  • 178 x 203 x 86cm
  • 1 Pump
  • 25 Jets
  • 5 Seats
From £5,800

Catalina CS7


The Cs7 all seater features the foot jet dome giving everyone with a seat in this 7 seater chance to feel the hydrotherapy from their feet upwards. This part of the range now boasts 2 Pumps for more power while you relax listing to the built in music system.
  • 208 x 208 x 91cm
  • 2 Pumps
  • 50 Jets
  • 7 Seats
From £7,500

Catalina CS10


The Cs10 with its slightly larger footprint introduces the lounger with a variable 5 Seats and yet still has a foot dome. This model also shows off the fountain of youth led therapy lights, and 360 degree waterfall.
  • 213 x 213 x 101cm
  • 2 Pumps
  • 46 Jets
  • 6 Seats
From £8,400

Catalina CS13


This model stops any disputes between the family with a double lounger and yet still offering a further 3 Seats. The 69 Jets will help ease any muscle issues while enjoying the music system and led lighting giving full hydrotherapy in this spacious layout.
  • 234 x 234 x 91cm
  • 2 Pumps
  • 69 Jets
  • 5 Seats
From £9,000

Our website only features a sample of hot tubs and options we can offer.
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