Swimming is a great form of all-round exercise. It's ideal if you want to be more active and stay healthy, whatever your age or ability. Catalina™ have perfected the art of combining the healing powers of warm water and the variable, directional flow of powerful river swim jets, to bring you the options of an invigorating and healthy workout, and a luxurious refuge to escape from the trials and stress of modern life.

We offer you the extensive Catalina Swim Spas range, we are confident you will find a model that both suits your budget and requirements.

Catalina Swim Spas

Catalina Swim Spas

Catalina Mardi Gras Classic

Mardi Gras Classic

The Catalina Mardi Gras is the original space saving swim trainer and party Spa. It is an ideal entry level, affordable, garden entertainment centre and aqua gym. It features the Catalina Pro Swim training System which gives you a low-impact, full-body workout that builds muscle, increases endurance and burns calories. This swim trainer provides the same workout as swimming in a regular pool without the need to repeatedly turn! The Mardi Gras is perfect for large groups or parties, with LED underwater lighting, 6 crystal water features and seating for 11 people with 28 relaxing hydrotherapy jets. The Mardi Gras is also our shallowest swimspa and because of this it has a low energy requirement and running cost.
  • 383 x 228 x 107cm
  • 2 Pumps
  • 30 Jets
  • 11 Seats
From £14,999

Catalina Orinoco Aquadynamic

Orinoco Aquadynamic

The Orinoco is a no nonsense fitness pool designed with exercise in mind. This fitness pool with stand up massage station and exercise/rowing kit is ideal for serious swimmers or those that already have, or would like, separate pool and spa. Its fully insulated shell makes it the perfect alternative to a traditional pool.
  • 381 x 228 x 130cm
  • 4 Pumps
  • 19 Jets
  • 1 Seat
From £18,749

Catalina Freestyle Classic XP

Freestyle Classic XP

The Freestyle has a large open swim lane that offers an ideal swimming and exercise space. The spa end has seating for 3 which includes 2 deluxe, full body, deep contoured multi jet therapy loungers. It also includes a stand up massage station which together with the seating gives the Freestyle a total of 66 hydrotherapy jets. A heated air blower system makes the jets on a Freestyle swimspa feel more powerful and therapeutic than ever. The Freestyle is available with 2 different performance power settings, the Classic XP and the Aquadynamic it is also available in above or in ground versions.
  • 427 x 228 x 130cm
  • 3 Pumps
  • 68 Jets
  • 3 Seats
From £21,249

Catalina Atlantic Pool

Atlantic Pool

The Atlantic is a massive 21 feet long (6.35M) and has 3 different internal depths (1220mm, 1370mm and 1500mm). Unlike many other swimspas or pools the Atlantic is made using a two pack gelcoat fibre reinforced resin system. This makes it an ideal alternative to a regular swimming pool. The Atlantic Pool is available as a regular pool with no swim jets or with one of our 3 different performance power settings making this our largest swim trainer fitness pool. The Atlantic Pool now comes as standard with Bluetooth Audio and subwoofer. It is also available as the in ground version.
  • 635 x 228 x 158cm
  • 1 Pump
  • 2 Jets
  • 2 Seats
From £30,249

Catalina Relay Dual Temp

Relay Dual Temp

The Relay is our entry level dual temp swimspa. The spa and swimming sections are separated meaning you can have 2 different temperatures set, simultaneously in the same swimspa, a warm relaxing spa end with a cooler more practical swimming end. The spa end has seating for 5 and is separated from the swimming end by a transparent dividing wall. The Relay comes as standard with our Catalina exercise equipment, 10 crystal fountains and 2 waterfalls all with LED lights, an LED underwater lighting system LED jets and controls. The Relay is available in both above and in ground styles. The Relay comes as standard with a Bluetooth music system with subwoofer.
  • 554 x 228 x 137cm
  • 5 Pumps (3 Pool, 2 Spa)
  • 45 Jets
  • 5 Seats
From £25,000

Catalina Olympic Dual Temp

Olympic Dual Temp

The Olympic is the ultimate dual temperature swimspa. Nothing compares to this wonderful home aqua exercise pool and spa combination. We took our most popular spa model (the Constellation Aquadynamic), added it to our bestselling swimspa and the Olympic was born. Fitted as standard with an unequalled list of features, the Olympic is the arguably the best swimspa available today. With LEDs in everything from the jets to the cup holders, 3 waterfalls, 10 fountains, dual controls and over 100 individual hydrotherapy jets, there is nothing missing from this incredible swim spa. The Olympic comes as standard with Bluetooth audio and subwoofer.
  • 630 x 228 x 137cm
  • 6 Pumps (4 Pool, 2 Spa)
  • 106 Jets
  • 7 Seats
From £33,500

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